Hosting a BookLuck giveaway is a great way to get exposure for your books!

Get readers interested in your series

Get feedback on your book cover

Get feedback on your book blurb

Split test your ideas

Generate buzz for a new book

Test your targeting

✅ Gain followers

Get more reviews


BookLuck is a new platform powered by (and integrated with) BookSniffer. It’s fun and easy for readers – every day that they search for a book on BookLuck, they have a chance to win that book, OR one of YOUR books!

To be eligible to win your book, readers give you feedback about your cover, blurb, and plot idea. They also are encouraged to follow you on BookSniffer… and on BookSniffer, you get to directly message ALL your followers for FREE, once per month!

For more information, including an early-bird pre-launch discount, click “I’m interested!”