About BookLuck

BookLuck is a fun new book discovery platform powered by BookSniffer.

You can learn more about BookSniffer by visiting https://BookSniffer.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the books you give away come from?

That depends on whether a book is a sponsored book – meaning, an author or publisher is sponsoring the giveaway, or if it just a “random chance to win” book. 

Our sponsors provide ebook copies for us to give away, so if you win a sponsored book, it came from the author or publisher. We love our sponsors, and can’t thank them enough!

If it’s just a “random chance to win” book, we actually buy the book for you, and deliver it to you via Amazon.

What is your policy on piracy?

Piracy hurts the hard-working authors who write the wonderful stories we all love to read. BookSniffer is founded by authors – we would never give a pirated book away. When someone wins a book on BookLuck, it’s either coming directly from the author or publisher, or we purchase the book at full retail price for our winners, ensuring that authors get their full royalty.

I’m an author or publisher, and I would like to sponsor a giveaway! What does it cost to run a giveaway on BookLuck?

Unlike other giveaway platforms, BookLuck charges authors and publishers nothing! In fact, we’ll pay our authors and publishers up to $100 to sponsor a book giveaway on BookLuck.

How does BookLuck make money?

Our BookLuck Bonus subscription program is our only revenue-generating product right now. But in the future, once our audience is big enough, we’ll allow authors and publishers to host ads and paid promotions for their books on our platform. 

I love BookLuck! How can I help it grow?

Join BookLuck Bonus, join our referral program, or if you’re an author or publisher, sponsor a giveaway!

Contact us at:

BookSniffer, Inc.

600 W 6th Street Suite 400

Fort Worth, TX 76102

administrator <at> BookLuck.us 

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